Monterey Bay Student Services strives to pair every student with the right family. By completing the application, you will help us match your interests and preferences with your host family. Some of the items include living with children, family pets, medical needs and personal interest. Please be thorough and complete. Once the pairings are complete, host families receive a copy of the application.

The questionnaire below will assist us in placing you with a host family.  However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all of your requests.

Please download and return the Homestay Student Application or complete the form below.

In the form below you will be asked to upload a signed copy of the Monterey Bay Student Services Student Waiver.  Feel free to download, print, sign and scan the form for upload to the form.


    Please upload a signed waiver (download above) in .pdf, .png, .jpg or .jpeg format.

    Your Information

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    Last (Family) Name * :

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    Home Mailing Address * :

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    Your Program Information

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    Your Education

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    What year in school are you or what do you teach? * :

    How would you rate your English speaking skills? * :

    Have you taken English classes? If yes, for how many years? * :

    Do you take public transportation to school? If yes, how long does it take each way? * :

    Do you live at home with your family in your country? * :

    Your Health

    Do you have any allergies? If yes, what are you allergic to? (Example: animals, food, medication etc.)?

    Do you smoke? There is no smoking in your host family’s home * :

    Do you have any medical conditions or disabilities that you want us to be aware of?

    Who should we contact for you in an emergency?
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    Relationship to you * :

    Your Activities

    What are your hobbies and interests? including sports you play such as running, hiking, walking, swimming, volleyball), Entertainment such as movies, TV, music, video games, outdoor activities) and other activities such as cooking, shopping, being with friends, tourist activities, playing a musical instrument.

    Have you traveled out of your home country before? if so, to where, when and for how long?

    Your Hosts

    Would you prefer to be placed with a family with small children? * :

    Please list any specific request you have for a host family? We will try to accommodate your requests.

    Please introduce yourself to your host family. Tell us about your background, how many people are in your family and what you like to do. What do hope to do while in California with your host family?