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Hosting an International Student is a rewarding experience. Families often develop relationships that last for years. Students are treated as part of the family and engage with many family activities. Hosts are responsible for providing food breakfast and family dinners, a private bedroom and a welcoming family. Students use public transportation to attend classes at CSUMB and host families need to be within 40 minutes of the campus.Family stipends depend on the program and length of the student’s stay. Most programs are three to four weeks and some students stay for a semester or more.

If you are interested in becoming a host, please complete the form below and hit the send button, We will contact you for more information. Alternatively you can download, fill out and send me the Host Family Application.

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    We are asking for three references for every new host family. Those can be friends, colleagues, or neighbors, just not immediate family members. If you have their names and phone numbers ready please list them below. If not, you can send them to us later.